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LP Delivery Driver - Dows, IA


Location: Dows

Classification: Full-time

Description:  Looking for an experienced Propane Driver to plan, promote and deliver LP gas, equipment, and related services in a manner that will optimize the cooperative’s market share and savings, improve the cooperative’s efficiency, help achieve the cooperative’s mission and goals, and result in outstanding customer service.

Job Performance Skills:


Accepts personal responsibility for the quality and timeliness of his work. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Doesn’t make excuses or blame others for errors or problems. Carries her fair share of the workload.

Adaptability/Flexibility/Change Management:

Adapts easily to changing conditions and work responsibilities. Promptly switches strategies or tactics if the current ones are not working. Works comfortably with people of widely differing styles, temperaments, and preferences. Deals maturely with anger, frustration and disappointment. Bounces back quickly from setbacks and frustrations. Is able to see the merits of positions other than her own.


Comes to work on time every day. Is fully prepared and ready to work at beginning of work schedule and continues until work day is done. Makes appropriate arrangements when adverse weather or other problems might delay on-time arrival. Conforms to work hours and schedule. Lets the supervisor and others know immediately when unexpected problems cause absence, lateness, or the need to leave early.

Citizen Focus:

Understands how her job affects the citizens of the agency, city, or department. Knows what citizens expect of employees and assures citizen satisfaction. In jobs that involve direct citizen interaction, consistently displays appropriate behavior. Looks for areas within his area of responsibility where citizen needs are not being met and proposes workable solutions. Works effectively and professionally with citizens even when they are discourteous or unreasonable.

Customer Focus:

Knows her customers and can describe their expectations. Manages customer expectations. Meets all of the expectations of both internal and external customers. Gains customers’ trust and respect. Actively seeks customers’ feedback on quality of service he provides. Quickly solves customer problems.

Learning and Continuous Improvement:

Actively acquires new skills and competencies. Shares knowledge, skills, tools and methods with others to help them solve problems and improve performance. Treats negative feedback and experiences as learning opportunities.  Seeks information and ideas from many places. Looks for better ways to perform routine parts of job. Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities: Include but not limited to the following:

Safety and Maintenance

• Maintain a safe work environment as outlined by NEW Cooperative’s policies and procedures

• Maintain rolling stock and all petroleum department fixed assets

• Communicate safe storage and handling procedures to all customers

• Deliver bulk orders safely, following regulations

• Operate the delivery vehicle safe in a safe manner and maintain the delivery vehicle


• Assist in establishing sales goals

• Assist in developing and promoting a marketing plan

• Increase sales of LP gas and related products

• Make proper recommendations and applications of products sold

• Know prices of products and services

• Maintain current market share

• Assist in developing competitive market strategies


• Develop and maintain routing, keep-fill, and degree-day systems

• Perform customer tank maintenance

• Resolve customer complaints

Job Requirements:

• CETP certification or ability to obtain one

• Must be licensed and insurable to drive

• Must have a Class A CDL with Tanker and Hazardous Materials endorsements

• Understand the weather conditions, know that temperatures may be below or above normal, depending upon the time of year and adjustment is necessary to maintain high levels of customer service

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